The 3 Best option in Sic Bo

73Sic Bo, which equates to “dice pair” in English, is just one of one of the most popular video games in Asian casinos. The video game also has a complying with in some USA casinos.

If you have actually never played Sic Bo, you’ll discover some resemblances to craps. It includes a board and 3 dice. And, much like craps, the board looks complicated as well as can make it hard for you to find out the different bets.

Here are the 3 ideal Sic Bo wagers you could make and also where to discover them on the board:

1. Huge or Little

I abided these 2 wagers with each other. They give you the exact same chance of winning (48.6%), and they have the exact same residence edge (2.8%).

A Large wager lies at the top right hand corner of the board. You should not have any difficulty finding the Large wager due to the fact that it’s marked with the winning numbers 11 through 17 and also pays out 1 to 1.

The only time that you will not win if the dice range between 11 as well as 17 remains in the event of a Triple– a dice combination with the exact same 3 numbers.

Right here’s an instance:

Moving 3 Fours would be a triple and also create you to shed.

The Tiny Bet is located in the top left hand edge of the board. This wager offers a 1 to 1 pay out if the 3 dice combine for a rating in between 4 and also 10. Again, you’ll lose if a Triple shows up, like 3 Few.

2. Odd or Even

An odd bet is a wager on the 3 dice developing an odd number. An also bet is a wager that the dice will develop an also mix.

Apart from exactly how these wagers win, they don’t really vary from Big and also Tiny wagers by any means. The likelihood of winning either wager is still 48.6%, and your home side is 2.8%.

Odd and even provide the same advantages to players that Big and also Small do.

However there is one essential distinction:

Odd or even typically aren’t located on many Sic Bo boards.

Thinking odd as well as wagers are supplied, you’ll locate them both in the leading left hand corner of the table while Huge and Little wagers will be showcased in the top right-hand edge.

3. Dice Combinations

These are wagers made on 2 of the three dice coming up as a particular number mix, as well as they are all found crossing the second to last row on the board.

1 as well as 2, 2 as well as 3, and also 3 as well as 4 are several of the various dice combinations that you could bet on. In all, you’ll locate 15 dice mixes throughout the board.

Each dice combination just has a 2.8% house edge.

There is one essential distinction:

You only have a 13.9% chance of winning any of the 15 dice combination wagers.

This is the greatest disadvantage to wagering on any type of dice combination. You will not win as often similar to a Big, Tiny, also, or odd bet.

When you do win, you’ll pick up a 6 to 1 payment.

Sadly, particular casinos in Macau only supply a 5 to 1 payout, which raises your home side to 16.7%. If this holds true in your online game, don’t also trouble making a dice mix wager.

The most awful Sic Bo Wagers

The trouble with Sic Bo is that every wager besides the ones I’ve currently pointed out functions a 7.4% residence benefit or greater.

Don’t waste your time with any one of the other wagers.

But if you are visiting try some of the other bets on the board, avoid the adhering to wagers:

Specific Dice Mixes– 2 dice will certainly form a specific mix while the third dice reveals a specific number. The payment is 50 to 1, however your house side is a huge 29.2%. And you just have a 1.4% possibility of winning.

Certain Doubles– This wager sees you bank on two of the 3 dice showcasing certain numbers. You win a 10 to 1 pay if successful, yet the house edge is 18.5%. And also you have simply a 7.41% possibility of winning.

Particular Triple– The exact same number shows up on all three dice, and you obtain a significant 180 to 1 pay on an effective wager. Clearly this is interesting, yet certain triples only occur 0.46% of the moment, and your house side is 16.2%.

4 or 17– This is a bet that the 3 dice will form either a 4 or 17 score. The payout is 60 to 1, yet you only have a 1.4% opportunity of winning as well as your house side is 15.3%.


Sic Bo occasionally gets a bad rap when as compared to other table online games due to the high residence side on some wagers. You can find some wagers that make Sic Bo worth having fun.

Exactly what behaves is that you can select high probability wagers like Big, Small, odd, and even. Or you could opt for the riskier dice combinations and also still enjoy the same reduced 2.8% residence edge.

Once again, thinking about the residence side on certain wagers, you’ll want to remain within the confines of these wagers so that you don’t obtain burnt by the gambling establishment.

It features a board as well as 3 dice. And also, just like craps, the board looks complicated and also could make it hard for you to figure out the different wagers.

The Small Wager is located in the top left hand corner of the board. Particular Dice Mixes– 2 dice will develop a particular mix while the 3rd dice reveals a specific number. Certain Doubles– This wager sees you wager on two of the three dice showcasing certain numbers.