Story Time – Poker King at young age

35The 8-year-old kid that– supposedly– won $500,000 in an Online Texas hold’em Room

In 2010, it was reported in a myriad of online casino internet sites as well as blog sites that Aashish Nanak, a 8 year-old child from Chandigrah, India, actually got half a million dollars by winning through online casino poker competition.

Supposedly, the eight years of age child is a computer system wizard who was first introduced to computer systems at the age of 3. He started creating web pages at four and by the age of six he was currently curious about on the internet texas hold’em. When he won fifty percent of a million dollars, Aashish was using his uncle’s account. “He has always liked the web and computers, he began his very own website when he was just four years of ages, he is an extremely creative kid,” the mother of the kid said.

Baseding on the info, the poker area wound up refusing to pay the jackpots taking into consideration the age of the boy. The Nanak household claims the poker internet site learnt about the actual age of the boy due to the fact that also the personnel called the boy the “littlepokerwizard.” The child had actually also taken care of to win and accumulate smaller sized amounts of cash on the same internet site as well as he got paid with a PayPal account that his uncle had established for him.

The texas hold’em site, which aims to stay confidential, blocked his account. The child’s family members as well as the online poker area wound up in a lawful fight before a New Delhi court. The end result has not been reported.