Popular Gambling Superstitions

69All kinds of wagering entail luck to some degree, and several casino players will go to wonderful lengths to make certain that luck is on their side. Some are totally open concerning their superstitions, while some would certainly never ever confess to being affected by such things, however it is nearly certain that a sizable percent of casino players are superstitious in one way or another.

Superstitions are especially usual among casino gamers, possibly because of that there is more luck involved in gambling enterprise games than in many other kinds of betting. Illogical it may appear that something entirely unassociated to really playing could have any type of kind of impact on whether gamers obtain fortunate or not, the fact is that many individuals believe on some level that their superstitions will really change their luck one means or another.

In this write-up we look at some of one of the most prominent superstitions held by online casino players.

Lucky/Unlucky Figures

13 is commonly thought about to be a very unfortunate number generally, not simply in betting. There are a number of instances of this, such as Friday the 13th being thought to be an unlucky day. Worry of the number 13 is a recognized phobia (Triskaidekaphobia).

In online casino terms, players will commonly prevent anything to do with the number 13. It would be not a surprise, for example, if 13 was the least bank on number at roulette. The gambling enterprises themselves are very knowledgeable about this superstition, as well as it is not unusual for big online casinos to lose out 13 when classifying their floorings by jumping straight from 12 to 14.

On the other hand, 7 is considered by several to be a very fortunate number. This is perhaps the reason so many slot machines give the jackpot for successive 7 symbols on a payline.

It is worth noting that lucky and unfortunate numbers are significantly a cultural point. A fortunate number in one society might well be an unfortunate number in one more society, as well as vice versa.

Lucky/Unlucky Colors

Similar to numbers, colors are typically taken into consideration to be indications of excellent or rotten luck. Several think black to be bad luck, as an example, perhaps because of its close association with fatality. By contrast, red is typically thought about to be an extremely lucky shade. This is particularly true in Chinese culture, as well as several Chinese casino players ensure to use red whenever they are wagering.

Lucky Appeals

A great deal of bettors will certainly have fortunate charms that they think bring them good luck. These can be found in all kinds of different kinds, with especially preferred ones being the bunny foot, the horseshoe, and the four-leaved clover. It’s not uncommon for gambling enterprise players to have a lucky thing of clothing that they always put on when wagering, or even a fortunate friend that they like to have existing.

Physical Activities

It is rather common for casino site gamers to have a regular that they constantly follow to aid bring them good luck. This normally includes some type of physical action prior to a hand is dealt, or a live roulette wheel rotated, or the dice rolled. Some preferred instances are as complies with.

Crossing fingers
Blowing on dice
Piling chips in a certain method
Knocking on timber
Verbally calling for a card/number
Kissing a buddy
Counting Money/Chips

This applies to casino poker as well as casino video games. The origin of this superstitious notion is not totally clear, but it was absolutely strengthened by the well-known Kenny Rogers tune “The Casino player”.

” You never count your money when you’re resting at the table. There’ll be time enough for counting when the handling’s done.”

Using the Front Entryway

This is a somewhat more unknown superstitious notion, but a fairly preferred one however. Some gamblers believe that it’s unlucky to get in an online casino by the front entryway, as the rotten luck of those leaving (most likely having actually shed their money) can rub off.

Related to this superstition was the dislike, especially among Chinese gamblers, of a previous entryway to the MGM Grand. This used to be a large lion’s mouth, which was thought about very unfortunate as well as similar to being eaten real-time. The good news is for those that really did not like it, it was replaced in 1998.

$ 50 Expenses

An additional fairly obscure superstition, this prevails amongst American casino players visiting Southern nevada. The $50 bill is considered quite unfortunate in the casino site, and gamers have been known to refuse them as repayment when trading chips. This has its origins while when Southern nevada was greatly under crowd regulation, as well as the legend is that mobsters would typically tuck $50 expenses inside the coats of sufferers they buried in the desert.

In casino site terms, players will typically avoid anything to do with the number 13. The gambling enterprises themselves are extremely mindful of this superstition, and also it is not unusual for big online casinos to lost out 13 when labeling their floorings by leaping directly from 12 to 14.

It’s not unusual for gambling enterprise gamers to have a lucky item of clothes that they constantly use when wagering, or even a lucky companion that they like to have present.

It is quite typical for gambling enterprise players to have a regular that they constantly follow to help bring them good luck. The $50 bill is thought about really unfortunate in the casino site, and players have actually been understood to reject them as repayment when exchanging chips.