3 Tips To Win Blackjack

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Blackjack is one of the games on offer at online casino Malaysia. The game is a mix of both skill and luck. In Blackjack, it is quite difficult for a person to win all their games. However, with the right tips, one can increase their chances of winning at this game. These tips will come in handy next time you are playing at online casino Malaysia.

Always Split a Pair of 8s

Two 8s in Blackjack make 16. This is the worst hand in Blackjack. When you are playing online casino Malaysia, if you split the 8s you stand a chance to have a winning hand. This will, of course, save you some cash.

Thus, if you place an equal amount on both hands, one hand will lose and the other hand will recover it. If you manage to draw a ten on both the hands, this will be a pair of 18s. This is definitely much better than 16s.

Never Split a Pair of 10s

In such situation, the dealer has only one option where he can beat you. This is if only he has 21. This is quite hard to achieve. A pair of 10s means you have 20. Essentially, you are almost assured of winning with that hand. The dealer is greatly limited in his option. This tip is one of the surest ways to win at a Blackjack. This tip will come in handy when you are playing at online casino Malaysia.

Do Not Go All In

This is the worst decision one can make while playing online casino Malaysia. Most newbies tend to make this mistake. They think that if they go all in, they stand to make a lot of money. This rooky mistake can be quite painful. It is very painful on Blackjack if you were to get a pair of aces and not have enough cash to split. This scenario will usually be followed by a situation where you are forced to hit a pair of face cards. When you bust, it leaves a sinking feeling in your stomach. Remember this tip when playing at online casino Malaysia.


Blackjack is one of the easiest games to play in a casino. However, it does not mean it is easy money. Besides that, remember that no one at online casino Malaysia is trying to make you lose. The more frustrated you are at the dealer, the more likely you are to lose more money at online casino Malaysia.