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If one has been paying attention to the realm of gambling, he will know that online Gambling Malaysia has become a major attraction for the gamblers throughput the world. It has really become a more convenient replacement for the traditional brick and the mortar casinos. However, since these online gambling sites are new, very few people actually go ahead and explore them. Most people just stay away from the online casino Malaysia, as they are uncertain about the legality and the authenticity of the casinos. Many are worried that these sites are frauds. they think that if by logging into the online casinos, they start playing the games , their computers will develop viruses or they are in the fear that is they win, they will not receive the payouts as per agreed. However, in reality, playing in the online casino Malaysia has plenty of advantages.

Why Online Casino Malaysia

online casino malaysia

Welcome bonuses
The biggest advantage of gambling on the internet is the immensely valuable offers, gifts, and promotions that are received by the players playing at the online casinos. These bonuses are for those players who have just started playing. This is a highly effective marketing strategy for the online casinos to attract new customers and to keep the previous members from leaving the online casino site. When you go into a brick and mortar casino, take a certain buy in, and sit down at the casino to play it is luckily that you will not receive a joining bonus or will not get an additional promotion value to the amount that you have taken. Even if the player is regular player, it is difficult to get a few free meal coupons and a small number of match play coupons to aid in the winnings. Alternately, when you enroll into an online casino Malaysia such as, you will be given bonus funds the minute you sign up for the membership account. When you deposit the initial amount which you want to use to bet , you will be in the line to receive a bonus , that may be almost double ,or hundred times of even thousand times the deposit that you made initially . Often the deposit is doubled and the pot is sweetened in such a way that no brick and mortar casino will ever give. The longer you keep playing, the online casino Malaysia will keep a track of all the games that you win or lose and will offer you bonuses and promotions and gift vouchers as a way to acknowledge your loyalty the site .

Any normal brick and mortar casino cannot match the level of convenience that you can get in an online casino Malaysia. It might take a number of hours to reach the brick and mortar casino not to mention the process of getting ready to look presentable and the costs that are involved while travelling. While sometimes you may have to stand in line to gain access to your favorite craps or poker games, the game is just a single click away on the online casino Malaysia site. Nowadays with the advent of modern gaming technology’s and the various application platforms, the online casinos are available to the players in the form of website based online casinos in Malaysia such as and downloadable online casino applications. The website based online casinos have to be accessed via a safe and reliable internet connection and the process may take some times in order for the images to download which require a flash player to play. However, you can always switch on your favorite music, wear comfortable clothes, and relax in the comfort of your home while playing on the online casinos. The other form of the online casinos is the downloadable online casino games, which can be accessed on the various android, iOS and windows platforms on the mobile devices. These are much faster as they already have flash player enabled and pre downloaded images and content that make playing it much faster and much easier.

Better selection of games
While the modern-day land casinos have a variety of games and prizes, they are still unable to compete with the online casinos Malaysia. This is because the use of technology makes it easier to innovate and develop games on the internet. For example, the developers can innovate on preexisting games like poker and baccarat to imbibe new flavors suited to match the modern times. A poker game can be designed in a theme that is depicted in modern movies or so. The online casinos have several variations of the game poker that can be enjoyed by all players. The scratch and Keno games are customized to appeal to the player in a way that the Vegas style casinos cannot compete with. Additionally when you go into a traditional casino, you will see that the minimum bets for each game is minimum 100 ringgit or 150 ringgit. Due to the lack of space, the odds have to be increased. However, in the online casinos, the minimum bets for some games can be 1 or even 2 ringgit. This makes it accessible to all players.

Linked jackpots
The linked jackpots at the online casinos make it much easier to receive an opportunity to win big amounts of money with certainty of winning at least an assured amount each time. The reason for this is that the progressive jackpots as opposed to the brick and mortar casino jackpots have many thousands and millions of players all participating in the jackpot from round the globe. They all compete to win the big jackpot on the same machine. This increases the winner’s purse considerably. The experience of participating in games with a diverse group of players form all round the world is truly an enriching experience. Moreover, due to the massive popularity of the linked jackpots the online casino Malaysia also increase the frequencies with which each of these jackpots take place that increases the player’s chances of winning the big game. The stakes are extremely high in these online-linked jackpots, which make them more exciting thrilling to play as going to a land casino and playing there all by yourself on the machine.

Variety in payment options
When you go to a land based casino you always have to first deposit the amount at the counter in cash. Then you receive the chips with which you go ahead and play the games .The process is along drawn and always keep huge amounts of cash with you is not feasible and not safe . On the other hand, when you log onto an online casino, you have the option to deposit an initial amount in a safe and secured way via an online banking payment transfer, there multiple methods for a player to deposit the amount. These online casinos link up with many affiliate banks that can make the process much easier and less time consuming. The option to pay with your credit and debit cards makes the payments scenario more attractive. Some of the payment methods have promotional offers and options as well. One can also opt to play via the electronic checks to transfer funds. This means that if you run out of cash during a game you can always refill without having to leave the game or lose your chance.

Higher chances of wining
The best part of the online casinos are that you have much higher chances of winning that you would have had by playing at a traditional brick and mortar casino . The players play behind a computer screen that ensures that the other players cannot see one another. Those who are highly skilled at certain games like poker can opt to play at a lower skilled table and increase their earning abundantly. Mixing the right combination of small games and big games can optimize the winnings hugely. The player sitting at your table will not know if you have bluffed or not bluffed. He will not be able to see your body language and will not see be able to see your reaction when the flop, the turn or the river opens. Moreover the games are available in all sized bets and buy ins , so if you lose a game you can always redeem yourself by playing it slow and accruing the lost amount over a period of time with skill and luck on your side.

Free casino games
A great benefit of the online casinos is that they allow the member to play a trial version of the game before paying for it. It means that the player can decide if he is good at the game and learn all the moves and the rules of the game beforehand in order to play intelligently with his money. The best thing about playing free online games is that you can gain access to a risk free method of practicing the tricks and strategies which you want to apply to your paid game free. Apart from the financial aspect of the gambling games, the gambling prospects are thrilling and fun. The value that it gives to the player in terms of fun and joy cannot be replaced by any financial amount. The land-based casinos do not have the option to provide one the opportunity to play the free casino games and have fun without having to pay for it. The reason for this is that the online casinos follow a virtual gambling system that allows millions of players to play the same game at the same time, without any loss in downtime. This has only been possible due to the advent of the modern technology and the internet. The land-based casinos hardly have any machines and tables for so many players to play in, not to mention the opportunity to play free games.

While playing at a land casino, here might be many cocktail waitresses who sedate the drinks that prevent you from beating the dealer. On the other hand , while playing at home , you can set the atmosphere of your choice by setting a timer on the clock or by playing the music of your choice without any distractions and people bothering you and breaking your concentration . The online casinos are on 24/7 so it is possible to play there even during the day and the in the early hours of the morning. There is no dress code, smoking, or non-smoking area rules that need to be followed while playing at an online casino. You can smoke and drink according to your leisure.

Beginner’s environment
The Online casino Malaysia is the ideal environment for the newbie gambler. The interactive tutorials , the various tools of payment and the prevention of being embarrassed socially due to a misunderstanding of the rules of the game make the online casino a fun place for the newbie . The land-based casino on the other hand can be intimidating for the beginners. The flashy lights, the crowds, and the fierce experienced gamblers make the newbie feel threatened and thus discourage his playing abilities.

Playing online is a much safer than going to and from casinos carrying massive amounts of money in the pocket. You can be robbed during your commute to the hotel form the casino or can be robbed while getting inside the taxi. On the other hand, the online casino Malaysia is extremely safe and trustworthy. They will pay our money diligently without ever any sort of fraud or dishonesty. In fact, the online casinos are known to pay better rates of odds as compared to the land-based casinos.

Before selecting to play on an online casino Malaysia, it is imperative to compare a list of casinos side by side, in order to get a comprehensive idea about which ones are the best. For example, make a list with the names in one column, the payout rates in the next column and the methods of payment in the third column. Read online reviews and feedbacks from the members who use the online casino in order to decide the best online casino Malaysia for you and win lots of money.

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